Disc Golf Is Increasingly Popular in Massachusetts

July 13, 2017admin

Disc golf is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target, and is played using rules similar to golf. It is often played on a course of 9 or 18 holes, but other formats are common. Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee area toward a target, throwing again from the landing position of the disc until the target is reached. Players seek to complete a course in the lowest number of total throws.

With players’ growing enthusiasm for disc golf, disc golf courses are emerging in Eastern Massachusetts. Many courses are built on public lands and maintained by volunteers. Some are casual while others are more strenuous. The well-known disc golf courses in this area include Pye Brook Park in Topsfield and Amesbury Pines Disc Golf to the north; Borderland State Park in Easton and Normandy Farms in Foxborough to the south; and Coggshall Park in Fitchburg, Maple Hill in Leicester, and Arsenal on the Charles in Watertown to the west.

“One of my favorite elements of disc golf is the challenge of shaping shots around obstacles, like throwing a left-to-right angle with a disc that I know will fade left at the end of its flight. There’s just something about watching the full flight of a disc out of my hand that never gets old. And with disc golf, there’s a huge variety of discs designed to do different things.” says Peter Nevius, who has been playing disc golf for 11 years, playing regularly at Devens Disc Golf and Clement Farm Disc Golf in Haverhill.

While many golf fans were attracted by the US Senior Open at the Salem Country Club in Peabody late last month, Luke Adolph and dozens of his colleagues in Tyngsborough is organizing a friendly Wednesday night competition at Devens Disc Golf Course.

This course is Adolph’s favorite one, as well as the closest one to his home. He has shed his blood, sweat, and tears many times there. While the Wednesday Weekly League is Adolph’s favorite, there are tons of great leagues every weekday evening all over Massachusetts.

You may wonder why disc golf is increasingly popular in Massachusetts?

According to disc golfers, the game is growing very fast is largely because it is so accessible and affordable.

As a sport, it is not only very inexpensive, but can also be played by people of any age at any fitness level. The land used for courses ranges from beautiful and manicured parks to serene forests. As disc course fees and equipment costs are quite low, and a starter set of discs only costs about $30, this sport is attractive to people of all income levels.

It is the equivalent of a low-impact hike through the woods, with greater incentive. As the player get older, they will find that their young and competitive spirit comes out while they are disc golfing.

As disc golf is played much the same as golf, it has similar challenges and rewards. However, unlike golf, people from all circles, different economic backgrounds, professions, and gender can join this sport.

Different from traditional golf, the gains earned from the practice of disc golf are realized much faster. Even if you have played golf for years, you can still be a total greenhand. With disc golf, putting in your practice time will show real results the next time out. Therefore, it is more attractive to a wider group of players.

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