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Ford will launch licensed golf cart in 2018

July 12, 2017admin

As a manufacturer famous for the wide range of road vehicles, Ford plans to launch its licensed golf cart in 2018. Its iconic oval blue badge will appear on the Australian golf courses soon.

Designed and built specifically for golf course hire operations, this electric golf cart has the following unique features:

German Engineered 3.5kw AC Motor

The Ford licensed golf cart is German engineered and applied a maintenance-free 3.5kw AC motor. This high-efficient motor provides smooth torque.

Trojan Battery

This cart is equipped with Trojan T875, which is obviously the best golf cart battery available on the current market.

Single Point Battery Watering System

The best commercial grade single point watering system is applied to this cart. Besides hydrometer ports for easy service access, there are also indicator eye to confirm correct water levels.

Onboard Battery Charger

With integrated onboard battery charger, you can simply plug this cart into any domestic 240v power outlet.

Curtis Programmable Motor Controller

With Curtis full-programmable electronic controller, the performance of this Ford golf cart can be customized for specific course requirements, such as history logging and diagnostics.

Independent Coil-over Front Suspension

The robust design of this cart brings automotive style ride, reducing the unnecessary maintenance. With independent coil-over front suspension, the cart will have long service life.

Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Chassis

The chassis is fully submerged in a hot galvanising process. As the hot dip process makes the chassis highly rust resistant, a 15-year warranty is offered for this chassis.

Optional Electro Mechanical Braking

As some golf courses prefer the auto brake to be permanently disengaged while others fully rely on the auto brake, the carts will be available in two spec levels – 8-inch steel wheels with mechanical brakes or 10-inch alloy wheels, with electro-mechanical brakes and deluxe seating. The golf player can choose either old fashioned foot lock mechanical brake or the latest auto braking system.

Anti-walk-away Feature

If this cart is left on a hill, it will not roll away, even if its park brake is unlocked.

With the high-tech features and its focus on functional robust reliability, this Ford golf cart will offer golfer a responsive, comfortable and sure footed drive, as well as a minimum maintenance.

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