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New Hauler® Utility Vehicle: So Easy to Build Your Way

June 29, 2017admin

Cushman recently unveils its New Hauler® Utility Vehicle Lineup, which is developed with heightened functionality and affordable accessories, providing golf industry professionals with the ability to customize vehicles to their specific work needs.


This New Hauler® Utility Vehicle Fleet includes 4 models: new Hauler 1200, Hauler 1200X, Hauler PRO and the Hauler PRO-X. From the front visibility to the rear hitch receiver, the new Hauler is equipped with unexpected functionality. Every inch of it was designed with the work in mind.


Cushman vehicles are designed and manufactured by Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company. Cushman vehicles have been recognized as light-transportation solutions for turf, commercial and industrial applications since 1901. Today, Cushman products have been spreading to over 15 different vehicle models.


According to Michael R. Parkhurst, Vice President, Golf for Textron Specialized Vehicles, the company has done extensive research with superintendents before designing the new Cushman Hauler line. The introduction of this new product is to meet the need for a new level of versatility and performance that could deal with a variety of jobs. As always, Cushman is dedicated to deliver a vehicle centered on customization without sacrificing the must-have features.


Some highlights on the new features are as follows:


Fully-customizable Large Bed


An innovative bed system and affordable accessories brings the power to load more tools and larger cargo. 12-cubic feet of sound-dampened space is ideal for the longest of workdays.


Highly-functional Dash


A practical dash brings a unobstructed line of sight and full visibility to everything ahead, making operation easy. With intelligent design, the new Hauler offers plenty of room to store anything one need in a central place.


Designed with the Work in Mind


A standard rear hitch receiver helps you to tow whatever the day demands;


From 2-wheel mechanical or optional hydraulic brakes to an optional brushguard or power dump, truck-inspired design offers everything you need;


Built to handle your long workdays, ergonomic seats and spacious legroom cushion your ride, bringing hours of comfort;


Upgraded premium turf tires and sturdy construction not only protect your ride even in the rough, but also provide traction without damaging turf;


Optional 12V or USB outlets ensure tablets and smartphones with power.


Besides customized bells and whistles, additional affordable and versatile accessories are available, including bed dividers, brushguard, canopy storage net, cargo mesh net, L-track aluminum bed system, color options, D-loops (for tie-downs), flexible tool clamps, ladder/hoop rack, long-handled tool holder, rearview mirror, ball cage attachment, and so on.

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