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Mercedes-Benz Style Garia Golf Cart: A Real Sports Car

June 05, 2017admin

Mercedes-Benz newly launches “ the Coolest Golf Cart”, a high-tech golf cart inspired by sports cars. Some people regard it as a star-cruiser compared to all the other products in the current golf cart industry.

Since the 80s Mercedes-Benz has been an important partner of the international golfing community for over 35 years. Golf has been and remains their main international sporting activity. Early in 2013, they announced a design competition for the design of "a golf cart of the future". And they got a strong response, some great innovative and creative design proposals.

The Design of the Cart


The aim of the design was to create the coolest golf cart ever. And the most challenging part was the proportions, since a regular is low and wide and a golf car is a bit taller. Particular attention was given to the front of the Mercedes-Benz Style Golf Car, as the front is the face of the car. Besides, the composition of the headlights was also very important. They have a depth to them, with a jewel like quality and beautiful chrome inlays. They have 14-inch wheels which are extremely large for cars of that class. This helps to create its sporty character.

Its Innovation


The most relevant innovation regarding their golf car is its digital technology. They have a central display system over which all functions can be controlled.


A 10.1-inch tablet displays its current speed, power consumption, and the vehicle's controls. Simply tapping the screen, you can change its driving modes, and switch the AC, heater, wipers and headlights. You can have access to various programs such as weather apps. Besides, the vehicle's position can be displayed on a map of the golf course.

Moreover, Mercedes says it's also planning to add smartphone integration in the future.

The Details of the Cart


Outside, you have fancy wheels and a carbon fiber roof. The rear spoiler doubles as a golf bag holder.

Inside, besides a 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet, the cart has integrated Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers, a mini fridge and cupholders.

Instead of a 3-pointed star, this vehicle wears the logo of Garia, the golf cart manufacturer that Mercedes worked with. Its price is not fixed yet.

The slogan “a real sports car” aptly communicates with a twinkle of the eye that it is an actual piece of sports equipment which belongs on the golf course. In that way we are able to achieve sports mobility in this field.

This high-tech golf cart is ideal for those serious golfers who want to drive around the green in style.

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