Things to Check When Purchasing a Used Golf Cart?

July 11, 2017admin

When purchasing a golf cart, quite a few people will consider a used one. Because what matters for a golf cart is how well it has been maintained instead of its age, unlike a car.

In this case, it is critical to check the used golf cart in all directions so that you can decide on its real values and make an offer in your favor. If you have done enough homework, you could save several hundreds of dollars.

Then, what are the things to check when purchasing a used golf cart?

Generally speaking, besides the current market price, you should mainly check a used golf cart to see its model, service condition, custom features, batteries, tires and rims, seats, body and accessories:

For the model, here we mean its brand, model no., and year. Even if you are buying a used golf cart, it’s better to choose a common and well-known brand, such as Club Car, EZGo, and Yamaha, because the future repair will be cheaper as it will be easier to find its parts.

It is also important to find out its service condition and how the golf cart is used. Ask the user: how long have they owned the golf cart? How often do they use it, daily, weekends, or just in the summer? What repairs or modifications have been made? Are there any custom features, like custom painting or custom body?

The condition of the batteries is a very important factor for a used golf cart. First, check the make of the batteries: they are Exide or Trojan golf cart batteries or discount golf cart batteries. Second, check how old the batteries are: golf cart batteries usually last 4-6 years. If the batteries are 4-5 years old, over $500 for a new set of batteries is expected to pay. So put that into the cost. Third, find out what kind of battery maintenance was performed. Ask the owner whether he maintained the battery himself or it was serviced by a local golf cart dealer. Check to see if there is water covering the plates. Fourth, find out whether the golf cart is using 6 or 8 volt batteries.


Make sure you have checked the condition of all the 4 tires of the used golf cart, since it cost about $50-$60 to replace new golf cart tires. Check to see if the tread is evenly worn and how much tread is left. Besides, the golf cart values can be increased by custom wheels and tires. Ordinary wheel covers will not affect the price of a used golf cart.

The seat numbers will certainly decide the values of a used golf cart. A 2-seat or 4-seat cart will determine your future usage. Even if you can add a rear seat into a 2-seat cart, it will cost you at least $400 for a rear seat kit, let alone the cost of a heavy-duty rear leaf spring kit. Besides, check the seats condition to see whether there are black mold, tears, stains and fading.

Check the body of the cart to see when it was painted last time, and if there are any scratches or dents to need repairing. In fact, the local used golf cart dealers will usually refurbish the cart with a new body, which will also increase the values of the used golf cart.


Find out what accessories are included in the used golf cart, which will also affect its values. Check to see if it has windshield, headlights, tail lights, rear view mirror, storage basket, speakers or a golf cart radio. If it includes a golf cart enclosure, is it a standard universal beige color or a custom Sunbrella enclosure?

Moreover, it is also necessary to take a test drive in order to see how speedy it is, how well the brakes work and if there are any funny noises. You can look at several used golf carts and take them for test drives to make comparison.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a used golf cart, it is smart to list the above factors, so that you can compare the prices and determine reasonable used golf cart values by yourself. Check the cart to see which used golf cart offers you the best condition, the newest batteries, better maintenance, and the most accessories.

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