The Regulations to Drive a Golf Cart in South Carolina

July 10, 2017admin

As more and more people in South Carolina use golf carts as the mode of daily transportation, especially in suburbs, the safety of golf cart driving become very important. Because unlike the traditional motor vehicles, golf carts do not have these safety equipment such as seat belts and air bags, the carts can also cause serious injuries in accidents, although their speed is much lower.

To Drive a golf cart on public roads, you certainly have to obey the basic traffic rules that apply to larger vehicles. Here, we would like to tell you some other regulations in detail.

First, you have to get a driver’s license for your golf cart. In South Carolina, you must reach 16 years old before you can apply for a valid driver’s license.

Second, in South Carolina, if you want to drive your cart on the road, you must buy liability insurance in advance. Because you have to submit proof of insurance to the DMV to apply for a driving permit.

Third, you have to register your golf cart and get the permit. The golf cart owners can purchase the permits at any SCDMV office. You must provide a valid driver’s license, fill out the registration form, and pay a $5 fee. According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation, the permit must be renewed every 5 years.


Fourth, you must try to void a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). Like the larger vehicles, it is illegal to drive a golf cart under the influence, according to the state law of South Carolina. If you are drunken, it is better to walk home or find a designated driver.


Fifth, while driving your golf cart on the street, you should follow the basic traffic laws, including: drive on the right side of the road, stop at stop signs and stop lights, and stay off the sidewalks.

Besides, even if you have obtained the permit, you can only drive your golf carts on secondary streets lower than 35 mph within four miles of your registered address during daylight hours only; or you can drive on secondary street lower than 35 mph within four miles of a point of ingress or egress to a gated community; or drive on an island inaccessible by bridge for normal motor vehicles.

Although golf carts are expected to drive on roads within 35 mph, you can use the intersections to cross streets, where the speed limit is higher than 35 mph.

Moreover, if you want to drive the cart on the highway or public street, you must also take the SCDMV registration certificate, besides the driver’s license and Proof of liability insurance.

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