A New Scandal by Donald Trump: Breaking Golf’s Golden Rule

June 23, 2017admin

According to a video posted by Twitter user Mike Frank, President Donald Trump was driving his golf cart all over the green of a hole at the golf club, where the women’s U.S. Open will be held next month.


Captured in the shot, Donald Trump was wearing a white polo shirt and his iconic “Make America Great Again” hat, driving toward the person taking the video. Trump rolled his golf cart off the green and right up to them. While being asked how his round was going, He seems a little upset, replying, “Good, until this hole”.


What an unbelievable behavior! As is know to all players, golf is a game that attaches great importance to etiquette and manners. The player must be honest and courtesy to the fellow players, and obey the rules of the golf course. One of the most important rules of a golf course: Never drive one’s golf cart on a green. This is because the green is the most fragile part of a golf course, and the player has the obligation to protect the delicate turf.


Now, Donald Trump apparently broke this simple and golden rule! His video  caused a stir online Thursday afternoon, drawing criticism from golf fans.


According to The Hill, Trump is on pace to play more golf per year than any previous president. He has taken over 23 outings to play golf since he became President.


Therefore, Trump obviously are well aware of the specific golf rules. His conduct is unforgivable, even though he was playing on his own golf course, Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.. Sports even called the move the "most Trump thing ever."


The anger of golf fans is aroused and rising. Let’s take a look at some of the criticisms:


“Civilization in its death throes!!”


“Driving on the green is the most unsettling thing Trump has done.”


“Never drive on the green, unless you own the course or are the most powerful man in the world.”


“He make an "Obama"!! A bad lie!”


Still, some others jump to the president's defense, pointing out that he owns the golf course:


“If Trump feels like driving a golf cart on the green of his own club, it's gauche as hell, but it's also his green to mess up.”


“if I owned the place I would drive on the green, and i wouldn't give 2 shits what you thought about it !”


“My uncle’s response when I told him about this: It’s his course. ”


“It's his golf course, he can do anything he wants to!”


So, what do you think?

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