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June 23, 2017admin

GolfBoard, a unique personal ride for golf course, is entering our vision. It is a modification of an electric skateboard, with straps on the front to hold a golf bag and a cooler in the back.

As a novelty, It is designed to speed up the game. Riders lean with their body weight to steer and control the speed with a thumb switch. Instead of a golf cart, these motorized boards make it faster and easier to get around the golf course. 

GolfBoard describes its product as "surfing the earth", because it is easier to ride a golfboard than a snowboard or surfboard.

In addition, GolfBoard is for people of all ages to enjoy, since this battery-powered vehicle is easy to operate and safe to ride.

Recently, quite a few golf clubs are offering this new ride to their guests, such as Orange County National Golf Center, Hawks Creek Golf Club,  Big Sky Golf Course,  Somerby Golf Club, Genesee Valley, Sonnenalp Golf Club, and so on.

You may still have doubt how is this new gadget working?

Here, some golf players who have experienced the golfboard on the course can give us the answer:

“I think the golf board is one of the best things that has been added to the game recently. It is a lot of fun and makes the game go so much faster.” says Christina Lecuyer, a golf professional.


A Guinness World Record Holder, Christopher Smith indicates, “It is great as anybody can ride the golf board. It’s not just for young people; it’s for people of all age. Besides, Different from walking, it’s a better way than riding in a car. It allows you to get some real exercise, as well as to play at a much faster pace.”


According to Laird Hamilton, Big Wave Surfer and GolfBoard Co-founder, “It’s easy to learn to ride the golfboard; and it makes the game so much faster. When we were younger we used to take our skateboards. It is quite interesting.”


“When I went riding it my first time, I thought it wasn’t safe enough for me; but after riding, I realized that anyone and everyone can use it.” Says Doug Sutter.


Sutter also tells us, “It takes so long to play golf one time, and golf board enables you to speed the play up. It usually makes a four or five-hour around. But being on a golf board, I can play within four hours and get on to my next activity for the day.”

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