Use of Golf Carts to Deliver Packages in Kentucky Would Become Law

June 05, 2017admin

Nowadays, as a convenient transportation vehicle, golf carts are widely used on and off the course. However, have you ever thought of using the cart to deliver the packages?


If a proposal advancing in the Kentucky General Assembly passes, this would become true, and golf carts could become part of package-delivery fleets. The bill would allow package-delivery companies to use golf carts or utility vehicles in residential areas to deliver express envelopes and packages. In that case, those vehicles could pull trailers filled with packages.


The bill’s chief sponsor is Republican Sal Santoro of Florence. After a long debate Wednesday, the measure won passage in the state House on a 61-36 vote. The proposal now goes to the Senate for consideration.


On one hand, opponents were worried that the bill would create potential dangers on roads.


“If you put a golf cart out on a rural road and a family sedan runs into it, it’s going to be family sedan 1 and golf cart nothing,” said Rep. Rick Nelson, D-Middlesboro.


On the other hand, in defending the bill, Rep. Jim DeCesare, R-Bowling Green said, “This is already existing law, and we’re just extending it to commercial delivery.”


He noted that golf carts are already allowed on Kentucky roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less.


Moreover, the bill would set conditions for the package-delivery use of golf carts or utility vehicles. Those vehicles could only deliver packages between sunrise and sunset; and the deliveries are restricted to residential areas and on roads with a speed no higher than 35 mph. There will be also restrictions to the size of packages delivered by the carts.


This bill will require the golf cart drivers to have valid driver’s licenses. Meanwhile, the vehicles must display the name of the package-delivery company and carry a sticker or tag issued by state transportation officials.


Besides, the bill gives local governments the option to prohibit use of golf carts to deliver packages.

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