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Rear Seat Trailer Hitch with Receiver


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A high quality trailer hitch that fits most golf cart rear seats. This is a heavy duty steel hitch for pulling trailers and other utility gear. This trailer hitch will turn your golf cart into a towing machine. This trailer hitch inclu 8*40mm hex bolt, 8*25mm hex bolt, 10*20mm flat-washer,8*14mm flat-washer Pls see the following steps to install. 1. Use the 8X25 mm hex bolts to attach brackets to hitch via the inside holes. Bracket should face each other. 2. Using 8X40mm hex bolts to attach trailer hitch to footrest. If installing this product with a safety grab bar, skip to Step 3. 3. If installing this product with a Safety Grab Bar, you will not use the mounting bracket in Step 1. Attach hitch to grab bar with 4 bolts. Tighten the bolts by hand until all 4 bolts are in place, then tighten them completely. 4. Attach grab bar and trailer hitch to footplate and tighten. 5. Attach receiver with pin clip to finish the installation.
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