Platform Introduction

League of golf cart, founded in June 2015, which provides golf carts purchase, repair, maintenance, modification related to the one-stop service for all golf cart fans and helps enterprises to achieve docking with the global customer resources. With comprehensive, professional, highly reliable, high interactive contents and also global view and profound industry understanding, multi-level, multi-dimensional influence on the numerous golf cart enthusiasts. It strives to build the world's most valuable golf cart internet platform. League of golf cart will continue to introduce innovative service in the future, strengthen the mobile internet applications in other fields, and keep leading the development of golf cart internet media all the time.

Core Strengths

League of golf cart profoundly understands the advantages of internet communication, and firmly grasps the two most prominent new media platform features---search and interaction to provide users with high quality service.
League of golf cart works as a user interaction carrier, insists on service as its core, owns the world's leading vertical network media interaction people. Meanwhile it enhances the user viscosity of golf cart enthusiasts by constantly optimizing the community structure and management.
League of golf cart adheres to the service-oriented and provides value-added services for customers as a leading vertical interactive media, it also forms a strong complementary with web portal and search engine. It has serviced such as Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha and other world-class golf cart brands successfully.

Function Service

News Center

The news center is responsible for timely and accurate reports of frontier information and international events related to golf cart (industry), mainly including global new models information, industry dynamics and focus.

Golf Cart Market

League of golf cart shares the most comprehensive and accurate global cart models data, new cart data , used cart data quickly and timely, covering the most detailed pictures and parameters contrast as well, queried easily.

Repair and Beauty Maintenance

League of golf cart provides professional and authoritative technical support and assistance to solve all technical problems for golf cart enthusiasts in the process of using the cart.

Forum Channel

Interactive Forum is designed to create the purest professional golf cart platform and helps those who make friends by attraction of golf carts from uses’ perspectives of the golf cart to complete the whole process from picking to using carts with the real experience and detailed data.

Dealer Platform

League of golf cart owns more than 2000 registered golf cart 4S shop and maintenance shop, which is committed to provide consumers with the most timely, most comprehensive and accurate information. It is based on the usability of continuous improvement and strives to make the world's most sophisticated golf cart information database.

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